VPS in United Kingdom

Europe Based Data Center with Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

VPS in United Kingdom

Unlimited SSL

24x7 Support

SSD Storage

Linux Based

Managed VPS Plans in United Kingdom

Managed VPS for the United Kingdom to get the Best Server Experience

1 x 2.60 GHz CPU
2048 MB
1 x 2.60 GHz CPU
4096 MB
2 x 2.60 GHz CPU
8192 MB
4 x 2.60 GHz CPU
16384 MB

Our Customers Enjoy

Perks of HostSall UK Based Virtual Private Servers

Tools to Love

DNS and Content Management Panel to Manage your Data Free

Experience Freedom

With Dynamic Root Access,Zero Restrictions and A Wide Range of Support Control Panels

RAID Technology

RAID Offers Better Performance and Data Redundancy to improve your Experience

What is Managed VPS?

Managed VPS are Virtual Machines sold as Service which is meant to be totally managed by the Hosting company

Why Should You Buy Managed VPS?

Managed VPS are just like Shared Hosting except that you get a lot Better Performance with increase in cost

Will I get Root Access?

Root Access with Managed VPS is optional and can be selected during checkout. And Can also be enabled or disable easily

What is the Server Location?

HostSall VPS are Europe based to offer the most optimal Performance and Least Latency

Available Operating System

Let Us Do the Job for You or Choose from a Wide Range of Operating Systems

fast managed vps

Super Fast Servers and Loading Speeds

HostSall Servers Offer the fastest Server Speeds in each price segment. And there is no Rocket Science behind it, all of Our Server run on 10x Faster SSD Storage with Highly Optimised Web Servers. 

And The Best part about HostSall is that we don’t compromise on Server Speeds just because of pricing. 

Consumers can even contact us using the Live Chat or Email Support to get the best plan as per their budget and requirements.

24x7 Customer Support

A Dedicated Support Team ensures that there is always someone available to help you. In addition to which, Our Support team is available 24x7 via Live Chat, Dashboard Ticket System, Email and even Phone Number.

We have been able to resolve our Client issues with an incredible 97% Satisfaction Rate making us one of the best Web hosting companies for Customer Support. Not Just Web Hosting, clients can Contact even for their other Site Issues.

On top of that, We are always trying to make our Services even better.

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