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UnManaged VPS Plans

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Our Customers Enjoy

Everything an Unmanaged VPS provider can please you with

Tools to Love

Free DNS management and Easy access console to manage your VPS server

Experience Freedom

Delivers Flexibility and manages Control Panels to transform your Server Data.

RAID Technology

Protects your site against attacks and keep your Valuable Data Secure and Safe.

What is UnManaged VPS?

Unmanaged VPS are Virtual Machines sold as Service which is meant to be totally managed by the Client.

Why Should You Buy UNManaged VPS?

Developers and Companies prefer to opt for Unmanaged VPS instead of Shared Hosting since clients are allotted with dedicated Amount of resources on a dedicated Server.

unmanaged vps

Will I get Root Access?

HostSall UnManaged VPS provides with full root access and complete freedom.

What is the Server Location?

HostSall Europe Based VPS Servers offers really high performance at an affordable price tag without worrying to empty your pocket.​

Available Operating System

Build Your Server with your preferred OS only from Wide Range of Operating Systems

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