Storage VPS Hosting

Perfect for those looking to store Big Amount of Data on Servers with Fast Storage

storage vps hosting

Storage VPS Plans

Our Plans with Excellent Performance and Speeds

Our Customers Enjoy

Everything a VPS Storage provider can please you with

Secure Environment

All of our Servers are designed with safety kept as first priority and are best protected

Complete Root Access

Complete Root Access removes all restrictions and provides with better control

Full Suite

Free DNS (Domain Name Server) Manager and OS Installations. To ensure easy server management

What is Storage VPS?

Storage VPS is an extension to VPS (Virtual Private Server) to store large amount of data.

Storage VPS can be very handy if you are looking to store data online or want a server to provide your users with File Downloading.

Just Like VPS, Storage VPS provides with full root access and complete freedom.

HostSall Europe Based VPS Servers offers really high performance at an affordable price tag without worrying to empty your pocket.

storage vps plans

Available Operating System

Build Your Server with your preferred OS only from Wide Range of Operating Systems

secure storage vps

100% Secure and Safe

HostSall Storage Virtual Private Servers are 100% Secure and designed with safety and security in mind. All of your data will be hosted on the RAID enabled storage array.

Additionally, OpenVZ virtualization provides secure and isolated containers which enables on the spot package upgrade and offer reduced resource consumption.

24x7 Server Management

Free tools like DNS Manager, reverse DNS and hostname management and other features like the ability to reboot server or emergency access console means that you will have complete control over your server 24×7.

Combining that with Full root access, you can install FTP, NFS, SAMBA, RSYNC,etc to introduce you with more versatility and freedom.

storage vps