Is there any Coupon Code for New Users?


As of now, HostSall offers two coupon codes for our new Users and Clients.


The following coupon code will provide you with First Month Free Shared Web Hosting.  Please select the Monthly Billing Cycle to avoid any confusion, you can change your billing cycle later. If you have selected the Yearly Billing Cycle, the initial invoice will display your Billing Cycle Date. After the first month, a new Invoice will be generated with Regular Hosting prices.

2) 'Welcome10'

This coupon code will offer a flat 10% Discount on your entire invoice amount. Clients looking to pay for a Year at once will benefit the most. Valid only with Shared Web Hosting Plans.


  • These Coupon codes are only meant for New Clients and Users without any previous orders.
  • Creating a New Account just to Use the Coupon Code will lead to IP Ban and Permanent Account Closure.
  • Only one of these codes can be used and only once per client.
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