Elementor is one of the most downloaded and used page builders for WordPress worldwide. And it deserves the crown, elementor is fairly lightweight compared to its competition, provides a lot of options of customizations, and supports the majority of the themes.

But there is one thing which users always care about, improving there website speed. And your WordPress theme plays a really important role when it comes to your website speed.

This brings us to a very important question, is there any theme which is not only lightweight and supports elementor but free too?

In this article, we'll be telling you the best free theme for elementor to get the most compatibility and increase your website speed.

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Best free theme for Elementor

While there are multiple themes for elementor which are free and works perfectly with Elementor, not all of them are free. So here we have listed the best free theme for elementor.

  • Hello

Yes, Hello for Elementor is the best free theme for elementor and there are a lot of reasons to support our statement. So let's divide this theme into its Pros and Cons:



First things first, Hello is officially made by the developers of Elementor with elementor compatibility in mind. Which means that, Hello theme completely supports elementor and its extensions and addons. All of the features and animations which are available for elementor are compatible. Making it future proof and compatible for all the next coming years.


With nothing is being offered by the theme, it means that everything has to be built using elementor only. And that limits your website design by your creativity only.

You can create a really awesome looking website without any interruption. Since you will have the ability to do everything elementor offers.

Something to notes is that Elementor is completely blank. So you will also have to download or create a blog template by yourself. This is exactly why elementor is fast because there is literally almost nothing in the code and boosts creativity.

On top of that, Elementor does offer a lot of free templates for blogs and other various pages that you can download from the elementor repository. Since elementor has a huge community, you can even download and get some free templates for your website if you search online.


You can download Hello theme anytime from WordPress Website, WordPress repository or even from the elementor website without paying any price. Hello theme is completely free. We have also mentioned the download link at the bottom of this article.

So Hello theme is free, lightweight, 100% compatible with elementor, fast and offers the least TTFB(time-to-first-byte).

TTFB is a measurement that is used as an indication of the responsiveness of a website. The lower the TTFB, the better it is. Google recommends a maximum TTFB of 500ms. With Hello for elementor, we have achieved a minimum TTFB of 37ms (milliseconds). And you can achieve too if you pair it with a Good Web Hosting.


Hello theme is completely responsive which means that Pages or templates made on hello using elementor for desktop can be shown on smartphones utilizing the smartphone display layout without playing around any additional settings.

Surely there are additional elementor settings if you want to redesign for a specific display layout, but a theme being responsive is still considered a good point.


Hello is FOSS. Which means free and open source. This means that the source code of the theme is available to the public and developers or even you can make sure that there are no trackers or specific code in its source which can harm your privacy.

Spoiler alert, there aren't. FOSS software and tools are usually the best when it comes to privacy and safety.

Developer Friendly

Since there is almost nothing in the base code to interfere, developers can customize it according to themselves without worry about anything or any code interfering with their code or customizations.

This means that you can create your own theme using hello as the base theme and redistribute it since hello is open source too.

Best free Theme for Elementor


Hello for Elementor is super lightweight because there is literally nothing. All it comes is with a basic header and a completely blank page. There isn't even a footer. You can make a footer by using elementor.

This means that there is nothing to affect your loading speed if you set Hello as your default theme.



Even though Hello theme is free, it doesn't come with any kind of footer. This means that you will have to create a footer using the elementor Pro version since the free elementor version or plugin doesn't support building footers.

There is a workaround where you can install separate plugins to add a footer to your website but we haven't tested them. You can still try that if you are running a free version of elementor.

And if you are looking to get footer only using the elementor, it costs $49 per month for the base plan. So indirectly, Hello isn't free.



If we talk about elementor compatibility and the fast speed it offers, the closest option would be Generatepress which is a paid theme. And Hello is still around 200ms faster than GeneratePress. Generatepress doesn't even guarantee elementor compatibility.

You can also download and try Layers for elementor, it is still good and comes with its own footer, unlike Hello. Another good part is that there are some in-built theme settings and optimization but all the takes a hurt on speed. While it is still very fast, Layers is around 150ms slower and Hello which makes it very much equal to what GeneratePress offers. And considering the point that Layers is free whereas Generatepress is paid, Layers is still a good option.

However, if you are looking for an Ultimate theme for elementor with no interruptions and fastest performance, you can't get anything better than Hello.

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