Looking for a best web hosting in India can be really difficult for beginners especially when it is your first time and you don't know what to look for! At the same time, there are many companies like GoDaddy which tries to fool beginners with their immoral and violating techniques. We have mentioned more about this in a separate article. You can click on this link to learn more about this.

Anyways, here we have tried to explained our best about what you should for, when looking to purchase website hosting in India.

  • Server Speed:

The moment a visitor comes to your website, he/she is connected with your hosting server and the faster is can respond, the more decreased your load time will be. But this doesn't mean that web hosting is all what to look for in terms of website speed. Still, it plays an important role. And that is you should check for it.

How to check Server speeds?

One of the easiest and user-friendly method would be to look for a website running on similar plan of the web hosting you are looking to purchase. For example, if am looking to target Indian audience, I will check the connection time for Mumbai.

If you notice below, a website's servers take different times to connect.

While a website running on BeforeBuy Hosting takes 1541 ms (milliseconds), the same website takes 6844 ms (milliseconds) when running on NameCheap.

hostsall vs namecheap

You can check by yourself too, Here is the link.

  • Bandwidth:

The amount of bandwidth being offered to customer by web hosting companies in India plays an important role. As some websites like SiteGround and GoDaddy limits their bandwidth for customers so that you will buy a more expensive premium plan.

At the same time, there are other web hosting companies too which offer unlimited bandwidth even with their cheapest plans so that customers who are low on budget don't have to worry.

So make sure that your hosting company is offering unlimited bandwidth with your plan so that you don't have to worry later.

  • Customer Support:

Web Hosting is a really crucial part of your website. It is something that you will use and interact with on daily basis. And there are chances that you will also require customer support in case anything goes wrong. And sometimes, an immediate support is a necessity if your website is offline.

Web hosting services in India like Hostinger definitely offer Live Chat option but it also depends on how active and efficient they are. For example, Hostinger live chat agents lacks authorization and are not available 24/7 especially if you live in India.

Whereas some web hosting companies like GoDaddy offer Calling Support but they are usually useless.

And I would suggest you to only opt for Web Hosting Company which actually offers a good and efficient customer support.

  • Control Panel:

Now this is also a major part which you won't notice unless you think about it. Some cheap web hosting companies offer DirectAdmin or Plesk in order to cut out on costs.

Whereas a really good hosting company will offer you cPanel as your control panel.

cPanel is a market leader when it comes to control panel. And there is a huge difference between cPanel and DirectAdmin or Plesk.

Any company offering cPanel with its hosting reflects that they are actually serious about their services in order to offer the best.

  • Storage Type:

You shouldn't ignore this factor when it comes to buying hosting. Basically, there are two types of storage which are HDD and SSD. To simply, SSD are a lot faster than HDD. If an HDD can offer 30 MBps transfer speed, SSD will offer you at least 300 MBps transfer speed.

Surely there is a major difference between SSD and HDD. Which is why, you should only go for Hosting companies offering SSD storage. If your hosting company hasn't mentioned it anywhere, time to look for another web hosting company.

  • SSL:

A web hosting company offering SSL as part of their plan can cut down your cost by a huge margin. SSL is also an important part in order to maintain trust with Google and your visitors.

Not having SSL as part of your plan from your Hosting company means that either you will go with Free SSL or a Paid SSL.

A separate free SSL means that whenever your SSL company website is down, your website will be down too. And a paid SSL can cost you much more than your hosting.

That's why you should only opt for Website Hosting companies which can offer you a SSL with your hosting package without any extra charge.

Final Verdict

We really hope that this article will help you in buying web hosting.

At the same time, you can also check for BeforeBuy Web Hosting in case if you are looking to get cheap and best web hosting in India and don't want to compromise on server speeds.

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