We all have heard about Hostinger, their super price-aggressive website hosting plans are really popular and beginners often prefer cheaper trusted web hosting instead of going with expensive website hosting.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you should know about Hostinger and will also help you to decide the best plan for yourself.

Before we introduce you with Hostinger review pros and cons, always remember that it is always a good choice to go with cheap hosting instead of free hosting. Now that you have read that, let's talk about 5 reasons why you should go with Hostinger India specifically.


  • Price Aggressive Plans:

As you might have already known that Hostinger prices seems very lucrative and attractive. Especially the fact that their cheapest plan for hostinger shared hosting starts from just rs 45, it really hard to ignore. And it also appears as a good option to start for a beginner or for someone who is looking for cheaper options.

  • Decent Customer Support:

Not only their plans are cheap, they also claim to have expert professionals and really good customer support. But there is major con with that which we'll talk about later in this article.

  • International Payments:

The best part is that, Hostinger is more of an international website and offers web hosting at almost similar prices in almost every major currency. Which means that you can that same 45 INR hosting at $0.99!


  • Hostinger Customer Support Restrictions:

Once you purchase their web hosting and need some help with it, you will notice their biggest con. The fact that you can only contact them via tickets or Live chat with limited agents, you can never get immediate help. This is one of the biggest flaws of Hostinger support.

Once I had to wait complete 3-Day in order to get my website working and their customer support just didn’t have enough authorisation according to them in order to help me. Which definitely sounds crazy especially when your website has been offline for 72-Hours.

You will keep searching for hostinger customer care number but won’t get one.

You will not only lose your visitors, but also your revenue.

  • Hardware:

Although their plans are really attractive, they just don’t offer enough resources. It might not be a big deal for someone who is new into website world. However, if you are really low on budget and also wants to run multiple website or even a single resource hungry website, you simply cannot do that with Hostinger.

  • Price Illusions:

Imagine, you went to buy hosting from hostinger web hosting as it was under your budget and you paid the amount. But at the next payment cycle, you are asked to pay almost double and you cannot afford it anymore nor you can shift as you don’t see any alternative. That's nothing less than nightmare.

Yes, all those Big Highlighted glowing and attractive prices under hostinger hosting plans are just for the first payment cycle. The next time you renew your service, you will have to pay almost the double amount.

Hostinger Alternatives

Surely there are a lot of ultra cheap web hosting companies in the market but not all of them are able to keep your data secure. But there are some web hosting companies which can cost same as hostinger but also can provide with better customer support, more resources and won't double your dues (payment).

You can try HostSall Web Hosting if you are from India and can get enjoy much more benefits.

The fact that HostSall doesn’t compromise on server speeds, also makes them the best web hosting provider in India if you are looking for cheaper plans.

Final Verdict

Is Hostinger good? Well, it depends. If you are looking to buy domain name from them, yes as domain name is something which you won’t interact with on daily basis or even on monthly basis. But if you are looking to buy web hosting from them, it is a big No from our side.

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