Are you looking to learn Video Editing? or Want a Video Editing Software for beginners so that you can edit your own basic video? Well, these two are completely different scenarios and in this article, I'll Help you to decide the best Video Editing Software for yourself.


Ask yourself, why do you need a video editing software? If it is to learn video editing and continue it further as a profession or Want to edit your own basic YouTube or Party Videos?

As we said earlier that these are completely two different scenarios and we will help you to decide the best one for you. Also, if you are looking for video editing software for pc, all the Video editing softwares we have mentioned as meant to be used on PC only.

Professional Use

Let's begin with the assumption that you are looking to learn video editing and want it to take it to another professional level later on.

In this case, you will have to decide which operating system you are having.

For example, viewers having Windows on their PC or Laptop should opt for Premiere Pro in order to start with Video Editing.

Whereas, viewers with MacOS on their PC or laptop should opt for Final Cut Pro (FCPX).

If you have the privilege of access to both of them, you can read this article to decide between Premiere Pro and FCPX.

One thing to always remember is that Premiere Pro isn't difficult at all once you get used to it. It will take hardly a week or so in order to get used to Premiere Pro.

And the same case goes with Final Cut Pro too.

And Usually, these two are the video editing software for marriage. Premiere Pro is also a video editing software used by news channels as most of them prefer it.

Video Editing Software for Beginners

Premiere Pro

Basic Usage

So you are looking to edit your own videos just for YouTube or to share it friends and family!

In this case, we would recommend you to start with Wondershare Filmora.

It is hands down the easiest video editing software for Beginners with basic usage. And the best part is that, not only it is easy to use but powerful too. But there is one thing which might bother you while opting for Filmora, that it is a Paid Video Editing Software.

You can get it for free to without any cost, Just Message Me on Instagram (@anirudhisback) and we will provide you with one without any charge or something.

The thing with Filmora is that it provides the user with all necessary presets and features such as Green Screen or Chroma Key, Transitions and Even Color Grading in case you are looking to level up our Video Editing Game. Filmora also provides a direct option to shoot videos using the connect camera, record audio and record screen without the need of any other third-party screen recorder.

best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Final Cut Pro

Undoubtedly, Filmora is a video editing software for YouTube.

And can also be termed as video editing software for home.

Is Filmora Enough?

I am pretty sure that you are still doubting on Wondershare Filmora. See, I myself started into Video Editing using Filmora for editing my own videos. And I used Wondershare Filmora for about 2 Years. This gave me a proper idea about editing and how it works as all the video editing software will have basic properties common such as Timelines and Drag-and-drop footage.

Later on, I shifted to Premiere Pro to do this on a Professional level and it took about 4-Days to get used to it which isn't much at all as I already had a basic idea about Video Editing Softwares.

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