If you are looking to start a new blog or a new website for yourself or your client, Expired Domains with high Domain authority can be really helpful and can result in early success with fewer efforts compared to the efforts required for a new domain name.

But the difficult part is that, it is not easy to find expired domain names and some known tools even charge a lot to find expired domains.

As a result of which, a lot of people keep asking us How to find high authority expired domains? or how to find high quality expired domains?

And if you are struggling with finding expired domains, this is the exact tutorial for you.

After reading this, you will be able to find powerful expired domains with traffic within minutes.

But before that, remember that in order to expired domain names with high DA within minutes, you will need a lot of practice and big brain time.

#1 How to find Expired Domain with High 50+ DA ?

I am going to divide this post into steps now so that you won't feel left anywhere and can have a better understanding.

  • Choosing the Right Tool: Don't worry, we won't ask or tell you to pay for paid tools. There are better and free options available too, its just that you will need some time to understand the way they work and you will also need to craft your own way of finding expired domains. You can visit this website expireddomain.net to get started and understand the basics.
  • Setting Up Your Account: Creating an account is necessary to access domain filters so that, it will be easier for us to find High DA Domains.
  • Search for Your Keyword: Once you have created your account, its time to search for your keyword in the search box. If you don't have a keyword, you can start by searching closely related names.

What does that mean? For example, you want to start a travel blog, you can search for Words like 'travel' and 'wander' and etc. Don't search for 'Travelling' or 'Wanderer', since all of these already include our short and sweet word 'travel' and 'wander'.

Or If you are starting a photography website, you can search for words like 'photo','portfolio','Cam','Flash', etc.

We will search for the word 'Cam' as an example of our keyword to give you an idea.

  • Creating Filters: If you are logged in, you will notice that there are tonnes of search filters available once you click on 'Show Filter'

how to find high quality expired domains

Lets Set Up these filters. Now you can try experimenting with these filters to get the most accurate results for yourselves.

Or If you don't have any idea at all, follow the filters we have set up to get you started.

  1. Under Domain Name settings, Enable 'No Number' and No Hyphen'
  2. Under Dictionary Word Domains, Set it to 'English'
  3. Select 'Deleted Domains' and 'Pending Delete Domains' in Allowlist Domain Lists
  4. Look for Listing Settings and Enable 'Only Available Domains','only new last 60 days' and set Domains per page to 200
  5. Now Move to Additional Tabs and select your original TLD, usually we set it to '.com'
  6. In Majestic Tab, Set Citation Flow Minimum to '5', Trust Flow Minimum to '5' and Trust Ratio minimum to '0.7'
  7. Click on Apply Filter
  • Domain Pop: Click on DP (Domain Pop) to set Results in Descending Order
  • CSV Format:  Click on CSV Export, Save the File and Open It
  • First 200 Domains: Copy All the First 200 Domains Names
  • Checking Metrics: Visit This Website or any other Bulk DA PA Checker website which also shows the spam score
  • Paste the Copied Domain Names and Click on 'Search Domain Authority

bulk da checker

  • Once the Search is Completed, Click on Export CSV
  • Download the File and Open it
  • Change the Domain Name order to Descending sort based on the DA column Number Value, You can check this link if you don't know how to do it
  • During My Search, I got Domain Names with up to DA 27
  • Copy The Names you are interested in, you till the DA you want. For Example, I want at least 18 DA, I will copy all the Domain Name till DA 18
  • Paste this Domain Names into a Bulk Spam Score Checker and Click on 'Check'
  • This Final List will be in descending order based on DA. Choose the Domains with the High DA and Lowest Spam Score.

Now the Difficult Part is that, you will have to keep repeating this procedure with multiple Keywords until you get the best domain for yourself or for your client.

Surely This is going to take some time and you will have to keep doing this.

See the thing with finding high traffic expired domain is that, if it was an easy thing, everyone would have been doing it.

And Finding expired domains isn't easy but that is what makes it interesting as well.

You will also have to keep experimenting with different filters to get the best results for yourself.

Now, Let's assume that you have found your dream domain with the Highest DA and Lowest Spam Score but still the job isn't finished yet.

You will have to check and confirm from various resources if the domain has been banned from Search Engines or Google AdSense. If it is, the domain name is a trash and that could be the reason for someone dropping it.

If your selected domain name qualifies for Google Search Engine and even Google AdSense, you will have to check for Trademarks.

You can look on this website and search for your domain name to see if there is any active trademark with a similar name.

If There is an active trademark, they can go legal on you since you are using their name.

How to check for trademarks for your domain name?

  • Visit this website and search for your domain name. For example, if your domain name is 'anyxyzname.com', search 'anyxyzname' in the search box.
  • Any trademark with the same name can lead to legal issues.
  • But if there isn't any trademark, you are good to go
  • Congratulations, on finding your first High DA Expired Domain Name

Lets Recall the Steps to perform after selecting a domain name

  1. Make sure that domain name isn't banned by Google
  2. Make sure domain name is not banned for AdSense
  3. Make Sure there isn't any trademark registered with the same or closely related name

If your domain name qualifies these three points, you are good to go with the Domain Name and can start working on it after buying it.

But that was just one way of finding Expired Domains and as we said that, there are multiple ways of doing it, chances are there that you might be curious about the other ways.

Before we begin, something to note is that those other way may require some more powerful tools like Paid Tools to get accurate results. Don't get me wrong, you can use free tools but its just that, it will take a lot longer to find domains. Since most free tools we are talking about for this second method only offers some limited amount of searches.

#2 Finding Expired Domain with High Domain Authority!

We won't be breaking steps for this method in to points as there is no fixed method and can vary from person to person. So I may find yourself spending a hard time while using this method to find expired domains.

See, You will have to start with a Random Domain Name or a Working website domain name (probably the one related to your niche). For Example, if We are finding Domain Names for a Tech Niche Website, I will start with a working tech website like 'GSMarena.com'.

For those of you who don't know, GSMarena is one of the most reputed Tech niche websites.

Once you have selected a website like this with Millions of backlinks for your niche, Head to a keyword research tool like SemRush or Moz.

SemRush offers some limited searches per day for free whereas Moz is completely paid.

Enter the selected Website Domain Name and View Backlink Analytics. You might have to re-enter the domain name.

Under the Referring Domains section, either look for domain names which pass a 404 Error or were last seen a long ago.

semrush backlink tool

This is not going to be easy and You will find a hard time. But this can actually help you get more powerful and High Authority Domain Names as compared to the earlier method.

But yes, you can manually save around 500 Domain names and later check which of them is not working.

And at last check the DA, PA and Spam score using a bulk Checker tool.

Procedure after finding a domain name will be the same as we have mention earlier.

And then you can just buy the Domain name at a regular fee as that of any other new domain name.

So Which one is a better method to find Expired Domains?

It completely depends on how much you are willing to work and the amount of tools you have.

If you are starting from scratch without any tool, surely you will the First method easier and will spend a hard time with the second method.

Whereas, if you already have a Paid tool like Moz or SemRush, you will notice that you can easily find expired Domain Names with really High 80+ DA.

But this doesn't mean you should buy Moz or SemRush just to buy or find Expired Domains. Just don't do that as you will be simply be wasting your money.

There is also a 3rd way to Find Domains but it will cost you some extra money.

#3 Getting High Authority Domain Names by paying a premium!

Unlike the other two methods where you could get the expired domain name at a regular yearly fee, this method is more of like bidding in an auction.

There are Domain registrars like GoDaddy which keep the premium domain names for themselves instead of deleting them. Why would anyone do that? The reason is simple, to sell them later with extra charges during an auction.

godaddy domain auction

While purchasing a regular expired domain name can cost you around $7 for a year, this method will mostly cost you at least $10(Bid Starting price)+$7(domain name fee).

And the more powerful domain is, the high bidding price will be. However, that is not case every time.

You can get a really fantastic name with High authority for around a $50 to $100.

And that is also the reason we didn't mention this method earlier as people starting from scratch don't usually prefer this method.

But you can have a look at domain auctions and check how things work there just to get an idea.

Though we would suggest you to just not to buy any domain at a premium price, you will have to conduct the same research which you would normally do for an expired domain. Also, if you are paying a premium price for a premium domain, get an excellent domain name for yourself or your client. For Example, one with at least 50 DA.

In the end, no matter which way you choose, it will completely depend on your dedication and the amount of hard work and time you have spent. Sometimes you might just miss a wonderful expired domain because you didn't thought of a good keyword. As it all depends on the keyword you search for. Even if you buy a premium domain name, you will first have to search for a keyword.

And that is exactly why, A lot of people just don't do this as it requires an extra amount of time and efforts.

Still, a large number of people buy expired domain names to set up a blog or redirect to another money site and purchase a cheap website hosting like HostSall which is really powerful without emptying their pocket.

Later, they can be redirected or an entire website can be built on them.

Feel free to ask us anything in the comment section below!

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