Our Beloved Poco F1 Beryllium is about to complete its 2-Years. And since it was launched, MIUI has always been terrible. Well, if you are reading this, chances are there that even you are fed up with MIUI and want to take a leap for the best performance and battery life out of your Poco F1.

Here I have tried my best to tell you the Best Custom Roms for Poco F1 in 2020 after trying out most of the custom ROMs for Poco f1 on XDA.

Something to note is that I didn't include Pixel Experience in the list as I feel it is no longer a stable ROM to get the most out of your Poco F1. Since jHenrique has left development for Poco F1 Pixel Experience, PE and PE Plus are just out of the league.

Best Custom ROM for Poco F1

  • ReloadedOS

After a lot of recommendations, we also decided to have a look at ReloadedOS and after using it, we're sure that it deserves to be crowned as the best custom from for Poco F1.

ReloadedOS based on Android 10 is super stable and hands down is the snappiest custom from we have ever tried on Poco F1. From Battery life to performance and from Face Unlock to Security, this custom ROM has everything to die for. We should support the developer and show our love for how they are supporting the device with super stable custom from builds every month with the latest security patch without compromising on performance.

Link to Download ReloadedOS for Poco F1

  • Corvus OS

After trying out almost every Custom ROM for Poco F1, I can undoubtedly tell you that CorvusOS is one of the best ROMs you can flash on your device right now.

What do you expect from your smartphone? Good Battery Life without compromising on Performance and Smooth UI, right?

Well, CorvusOS is exactly up to that mark.

While Battery Life and SOT (screen on time) can vary, I have achieved a maximum SOT of 9-Hours when I was not gaming. Even if you play PUBG, it can give you a SOT of around 3 hours and 30 minutes which is not bad at all.

And PUBG runs the best on this ROM. There were very rare frames drops even on Ace Tier and latency wasn't an issue at all.

Combining this ROM with an overclocked kernel like LawRun not only gets the most out of your device but also offers a smooth UI experience.

You can even expect consistent updates with the Latest Security patch as the is an official ROM.

However, something it note is that CorvusOS custom ROM for Poco F1 lacks face unlock but offers a lot of customizations at the same time as well. My personal favorite is Pulse Light which could have been better if our Poco F1 had an AMOLED Display.

It even passes the SafetyNet without rooting which is like Cherry on top of the cake.

Probably the best custom ROM for Poco f1 gaming.

You can Download CorvusOS using this Link

Custom Rom for Poco f1

  • EvolutionX

While everything seems to be really good with CorvusOS, it lacks Face Unlock. And EvolutionX fills that gap as well.

Surely, it doesn't offer as many customizations as CorvusOS but the UI is fairly smooth and gaming is decent as well. The gameplay was not the smoothest but it was really good and you shouldn't be concerned about it if you are a hardcore gamer.

While Lawrun kernel worked here too, I found it to perform better with SilverCore kernel which is kind of surprising.

It has face unlock, fairly good gaming performance, smooth UI and decent battery life as well.

For an average user who doesn't want to get into Customisation complications like that of CorvusOS, EvolutionX is the go-to ROM.

The best part about EvolutionX for Poco F1 was its UI Experience. It was very close to that of Pixel 4 (I do Have one) and color accuracy was somehow a bit better.

EvolutionX definitely is the best looking ROM for Poco F1.

You can Download EvolutionX using this link

Custom Rom for Poco F1 gaming

  • MIUI 12 HN Ports

Now I know that a lot of people love MIUI but still want better performance out of their Poco f1 because it seems like Xiaomi has deliberately underclocked our Poco F1 on Stock Miui ROM.

Well, you can flash MIUI 12 HN Ports which are really smooth and getting better with each update. However, I would still suggest you not to rely on developer updates and don't expect the latest security patches.

I will recommend this ROM only to those who want to use MIUI but can resist MIUI Stock ROM with tonnes of bloatware.

Face Unlock Works and PUBGM gameplay was pretty good too.

You can Download MIUI 12 HN Ports using this link

Custom Rom for Poco F1 gaming

Honorable Mentions

There are tonnes of ROMS available for Poco F1 like CrDroid, HavocOS, LineageOS, NitrogenOS, AOSP Extended and many more which are really good as well. Kudos to developers for their support to our Poco F1. and huge respect to them.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have any query and we will try our best to resolve it.

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